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Lup Colombia announced as exclusive distributors of Krysteline Technologies in Colombia

Krysteline Technologies are proud to announce the distributor agreement with Lup Colombia to sell and distribute Krysteline’s innovative glass processing technologies exclusively in Colombia.

For the past year Lup Colombia has been performing market research, analysing the existing lifecycle of glass in Colombia and South America as a whole, the challenges faced by the current system and the potential. This research, along with Krysteline’s 20 years industry experience and product knowledge and its patented Implosion technology, led to the decision to establish Krysteline’s technology in Colombia to recycle glass into powder for use as an additive in concrete. Lup considered Krysteline’s glass clean-up technology to be vital in the creation of a suitable quality feedstock for the production of powder meeting the high standards of this industry. Lup considered it a logical step for the growing construction industry in Colombia and local concrete producers, to replace a portion of cement with glass powder. This can significantly reduce the carbon dioxide emissions associated with cement and increases the mechanical properties (i.e. greater compression strength and low water absorption) for concrete mixes.

The first project following the distribution agreement between Krysteline Technologies and Lup Colombia is to have a pilot processing plant up and running in 2020.

Krysteline GPK300SP Sand Production Plant

This partnership and new distribution channel will open up Krysteline Technologies to a new marketplace full of opportunities, whilst also providing sustainable and economic prospects for regions in Colombia to harness the potential in their glass waste to provide production of recycled glass products that can be used locally, adding to the economy whilst also promoting environmental benefits. The Lup Colombia pilot plant will be used to showcase the practicalities of glass recycling and its possibilities to other regions of Colombia and South America.

“Krysteline Technologies' cutting-edge glass processing technology enables us to effectively manage glass waste in Colombia and create value-add products for our clients. In addition, their knowledge of the complexities of recycling system design has proven invaluable. We look forward to working with Krysteline Technologies to promote low CO2 products and drive sustainable glass recycling solutions throughout Colombia.”Caitlin Oliver, Co-Founder of Lup Colombia

“I take great pleasure in announcing our cooperation with LUP, our latest distributor. We have been extremely impressed with Caitlin and Bénédicte’s ability to interact at all levels of industry and Government. We are excited to see the first plant installed in Columbia during 2020 and to see our low CO2 products being used within the construction industry there. Krysteline is an international business, well versed in the challenges and opportunities of developing markets and opportunities for its products across the world. We feel LUP are an excellent fit for Krysteline and look forward towards creating a bright future for glass recycling in Colombia.”Steve Whettingsteel, CEO & Managing Director, Krysteline Technologies

About Lup Colombia

Founded in 2019, Lup Colombia (LUP) is the vision of founders Bénédicte Faure and Caitlin Oliver, utilising their genuine passion for sustainability and desire to create meaningful social impact. Lup designs strategies for the management of glass waste and advises businesses on tackling sustainability and waste management related issues. They aim to harness the resource potential of waste, developing the end-markets and partnerships that will deliver the greatest economic and social impact in Colombia.

The LUP Vision is to drive the circular economy in Colombia and Latin America by finding profitable and sustainable uses for trash, thereby nurturing social entrepreneurship and creating positive impact for local communities.


Caitlin Oliver

CEO & Co-Founder

Lup Colombia,

Avenida el Pedregal, Cartagena, Bolivar, Colombia


Caitlin Oliver (+57) 310 8979517


About Krysteline Technologies Ltd

Established in 1998 Krysteline Technologies Ltd specialise in the development of glass processing equipment which incorporates its patented Implosion technology. Krysteline's strategy revolves around developing industry partnerships & collaborations to formulate solutions for the processing of waste glass sharing their expertise and knowledge of the glass recycling industry.

Krysteline’s low carbon Implosion technology extracts, processes and prepares the glass into value-added products for use in a broad spectrum of markets including, but not limited to, remelt, water filtration, expendable abrasives, fillers and cellular (foam) glass. Meaning that 100% of all incoming glass waste can be recycled and monetised.

Not just equipment suppliers, Krysteline are solutions providers.

Krysteline continues to expand its agents and distributors network, working with trusted individuals and companies who are committed to providing technological and practical solutions for the glass recycling industry. Should you wish to become a distributor or sales agent for Krysteline Technologies please get in contact using the information below.


Steve Whettingsteel

CEO & Managing Director

Krysteline Technologies Ltd,

Unit 26 Thorne Way, Woolsbridge Industrial Estate, Three Legged Cross, Dorset, England


(+44) 870 600 0033


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