We want to encourage households and businesses to separate their recyclable waste using the information we have compiled below. Recycling and reuse diverts waste from landfill so that we can extract maximum value from our resources and create new economic opportunities.

Note: we are not endorsing any of these companies in particular. Our intention is to provide Cartagena specific information for those interested in diverting their waste. If you know of other companies that provide waste collection, processing or reuse, let us know! 

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You can contact one of these collection centers to drop off recyclable waste and depending on the location, pick-up from your residence may be available.


When HHW- electronics, batteries, light bulbs, medications etc. are put down drains or landfilled, they can have significant impacts on the environment (contamination to bodies of water and soil and problems for wastewater treatment facilities). 

BATTERIES: Recopila has a collection point in Homecenter in Caribe Plaza 

LIGHTBULBS: Lumina has six collection points in Cartagena

ELECTRONICS: batteries, cables, chargers, computers, printers, ink cartridges, cellphones, other small electronic equipment - Ecocomputo has 2 points of collection in Cartagena- in Mall Plaza and Caribe Plaza.

MEDICATIONS: Corporación Punto Azul oversees a post-consumer program for medications in Colombia. Most pharmacies accept medications and will dispose of them properly. The Éxito and Carulla grocery store chains have collection points for medications and other waste materials.


Donate high quality textiles to secondhand stores, repair what is fixable or convert into rags if the material is too far gone (old t-shirts are perfect for this).

Thrift shop in Getsemani

Segundo Closet


Putting used kitchen oil down the drain clog the pipes and sewage lines. Kitchen oil can be converted into biofuel, a cleaner diesel alternative. Here are two companies that collect in Cartagena:


Ecoil Energia


Composting organic waste saves landfill space and reduces methane emissions. It also creates a nutrient-rich additive that benefits the soil and plants.

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