The Lup Vision

We will drive the circular economy in Colombia and Latin America by finding profitable and sustainable uses for trash, thereby promoting social entrepreneurship and benefiting local communities.

The Lup Mission

Harnessing the resource potential of trash while providing economic value, social opportunities and environmental benefits.

What we do

We are embracing the principles of the circular economy by developing waste diversion solutions that result in amplified benefits for all stakeholders. We advise clients on sustainability and waste management related challenges through a social impact lens. Currently, we are developing our first infrastructure project, a glass recycling plant to be located in Cartagena, Colombia. Glass waste will be processed into a powder to be used as a concrete additive. 

The Place where it all began

Cartagena, Colombia

Where there are problems....

There are limited waste diversion solutions, especially on the Caribbean coast. The recycling collection system is decentralized and under-utilized. The waste collectors who formally or informally make their living from collecting trash work under tough conditions and are economically undervalued. The majority of glass waste is landfilled or ends up polluting marginalized communities.

Due to its architectural beauty, Cartagena is an increasingly popular tourist destination. This is generating more waste to be managed by a system that is already overburdened. Paradoxically, poorly managed waste on the streets and beaches adversely impacts the growth of the tourism industry.

It is estimated that cement manufacturing is responsible for 7% of the global carbon dioxide emissions. Carbon dioxide is a key greenhouse gas that when released into the atmosphere accelerates global climate change. Colombia's construction sector is expected to continue being one of the most dynamic markets in Latin America with more than 15 million tonnes of cement demand by 2023.

....there are always opportunities!

There is already a large network of experienced waste collectors in Cartagena and active environmental organizations that are pushing for reform. Citizens and businesses are also increasingly aware of the importance of sustainability and the resulting economic opportunities

The conditions for change are coming fast in Colombia, starting with a national Circular Economy Strategy and other environmental protection legislation. Bold initiatives that support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are required to ensure a prosperous and socially equitable future for all.

Low CO2 products created from glass waste supports the construction industries’ Corporate social responsibility objectives of increased recycled content in building materials (can allow for LEED certification). Other benefits include carbon dioxide mitigation, while also improving the durability and performance of concrete.

The Founders​


Founded in January 2019, Lup Colombia (Lup) is the vision of founders Bénédicte Faure and Caitlin Oliver, who joined forces due to their genuine passion for sustainability and desire to create meaningful social impact.

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