The Idea

We envision a day when landfills are considered an obsolete and uneconomic solution for trash.

Sure, that’s a long way off, but we are taking our first step in Cartagena by developing systems for the collection, processing, and reuse of glass waste. A vast array of applications for recycled glass already exist, and we’re developing the end-markets and partnerships that will deliver the greatest economic and social impact in Colombia.

What we do

Glass waste will be processed into value-add products for use in various applications such as; the construction industry, water management (treatment and storage) and agriculture.

We design strategies for the management of glass waste and advise businesses on tackling sustainability and waste management related issues. Currently, we are focused on site specific and community specific solutions for waste collection, processing and distribution of recycled glass products in the Caribbean coast of Colombia. 

The Lup Mission

Harnessing the resource potential of trash while providing economic value, social opportunities and environmental benefits.

The Lup Vision

We will drive the circular economy in Colombia and Latin America by finding profitable and sustainable uses for trash, thereby nurturing social entrepreneurship and creating positive impact for local communities.

The Place

Cartagena, Colombia

Where there are problems....

There are limited waste diversion solutions, especially on the Caribbean coast. The recycling collection system is decentralized and under utilized. The recicladores (recyclers) who formally or informally make their living from recycling work under tough conditions and are economically undervalued. 

Cartagena has high social and economic inequality. It's estimated that 1 in 3 Cartageneros lives in poverty. With population growth and the influx of refugees, the city is seeing an increase in the marginalized communities. 

Because of its architectural beauty, Cartagena is an increasingly popular tourist destination. This is creating more waste to be managed by a system that is already overburdened. Paradoxically, poorly managed waste on the streets and beaches adversely impacts the growth of the tourism industry.

....there are always opportunities!

There is a large network of recyclers that are passionate and ready to join forces. Active environmental organizations are pushing for reform, and people and businesses are increasingly aware of the importance of sustainability. 

The conditions for change are coming fast in Colombia, starting with Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and other environmental protection legislation.

There are industries in the Cartagena area that have sustainable and profitable uses for the crushed glass by-products that we will create.


The Story​


Founded in 2019, Lup Colombia (Lup) is the vision of founders Bénédicte Faure and Caitlin Oliver, who first worked together on another recycling project in Cartagena. Lup is the result of their genuine passion for sustainability and desire to create meaningful social impact.