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Glass recycling Pilot plant

We develop industrial scale glass recycling plants that transform surplus glass waste into high value products for alternative markets. We are developing a pilot plant in the Caribbean Coast of Colombia to manufacture high silicon available fertilizer from glass waste.

If you are part of the glass recycling value chain and/or the agricultural industry, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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Tech Distribution

Lup is the distributor of Krysteline Technologies' glass processing technology in Latin America. Their technology processes and prepares glass feedstock into value-added products for use in a broad spectrum of end-markets. As well, the technology can process other types of vitreous material such as slag. More information on our Blog.

We provide services for waste recovery projects and share our expertise in supply chain logistics, stakeholder engagement, feasibility studies and project management. 



Krysteline GLass recycling Technologies

Glass technology manufacturer

Fondo Acción

Our project was one of 20 selected to be supported throughout its development by Fondo Acción's initiative "Moving Colombia's low-carbon development strategy into action"

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About Us

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The founders

Lup was founded by Bénédicte Faure and Caitlin Oliver, who envisioned a company that would be both profit and purpose driven.

What we do

We are embracing the principles of a circular economy through the development of locally focused recycling-based manufacturing plants. Glass waste will be processed into low carbon product with a focus on silicon fertilizers.

The Lup mission

Lup designs market and community-centered solutions for transforming glass waste into low carbon products, including silicon fertilizer.

The Lup vision

We will drive a circular economy in Latin America by finding profitable and sustainable uses for trash, thereby promoting social entrepreneurship and benefiting local communities.

The impact

By managing glass waste locally, it allows reliable economic opportunities for waste collectors, diverts valuable resources from landfill, contributes to the reduction of GHG emissions associated with nitrogen-based fertilizers and improves soil quality and crop yield.


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