Redefining trash

Lup designs market and community-centered solutions for transforming glass waste into low-carbon products in Latin America.


Managing glass waste locally offers reliable economic opportunities for waste collectors, diverts valuable resources from landfill, and reduces GHG emissions along the recycling value chain.

What we do


Streamline the project development process for waste recycling solutions


Connect social, environmental and economic metrics to ensure viability


R&D on high-impact end-uses for recycled glass with an emphasis on commercialization


Glass expertise

Lup is the distributor for Krysteline Technologies' glass processing technology in Latin America. Their technology processes and refines glass feedstock into value-added products for use in a broad spectrum of end-markets. Different types and colours of glass can be processed depending on desired products. As well, the technology can process other types of vitreous material such as slag.

We can provide stand-alone machines, recycling systems or full project development support for glass waste. Contact us for a quote.

Glass cullet

Additional services

  1. Project design and business strategy

  2. Feasibility studies

  3. Operational cost models and/or impact calculations

  4. Extended Producer Responsibility and legislative support

  5. Workshops and training sessions on a circular economy


Our Projects

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We conducted a feasibility study for the use of recycled glass as a substitute material in construction for a client in Central America. The study included evaluating the glass collection system, designing plant configurations, financial models and a framework for the lab trials to determine project viability.

Our mission is to enable the development of innovation and infrastructure that supports a circular economy.

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